The development of business plans

The business plan is the basic document for the start of any business idea, any project. It describes the business model buduyuschey company and its development, planned product or service, assesses the market needs, and ways to promote the products in the markets, the financial requirements, funding structure, order prvlecheniya credit, investment, leasing; It shows the financial results and the risks of the project.

The business plan reflects all the stages of the project from the first of the ruble before the expiration of the life of the product / service, or to the point where you plan to sell the generated business.

A business plan is essential for:
  • attracting investment
  • credit, grants
  • developing your business strategy
  • assess your real possibilities

For the preparation of a business plan that can lead to success, it is necessary to spend a lot of time. You will need to collect and analyze a large amount of various information, conduct numerous calculations. Sometimes, re-examine the collected information or to conduct additional studies, and several times counted again.

Often you can hear that the main task of drawing up a business plan - to attract financing in one form or another. Nevertheless, the value of the business plan is not limited to the need to convince investors that the company has a business idea, which is to invest. It is of great importance for the company's management team as precisely defines the purpose of the enterprise, terms and ways of achieving them.

We will prepare a business plan as soon as possible, in full accordance with your requirements and wishes of your investors or banks, or to help you open a business.

Our company provides a full range of services for business plan development, feasibility study (FS) of the enterprises, the organization of production of new products, import-substituting investment and innovation projects of varying complexity. Different banks, venture capital funds and other financial institutions.

We will assist in the preparation of investment memorandums (projects), financial plans, financial models.

We will prepare a feasibility study for small businesses to obtain grants program to support small and medium-sized businesses.

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